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Styled Shoot: A Playful & Glitzy Bridal Shower Imagined

Updated: Mar 16, 2022


Tiered Wedding Shower Cake
Cake: Sugarbush Cakery | Cookies: the Salty Sugar Cookie Co. | Disco Balls: Annie Lane Events & Decor | Photography: Wreath & Rose Photography

As the pandemic winds down, there is an atmosphere in the air of celebrating the life events we were previously unable to fully appreciate. In symbiosis with this celebratory air, it seems people are now realizing there isn't only one way to celebrate - after all, we are all individual creatures with our own circumstances and preferences.

The entire traditional wedding experience is now being innovated in response to these societal changes - including wedding showers! This is why I was enormously honoured to be asked to make the cake for this fun, yet glamorous, styled photoshoot.

The theme of the shoot was all that glitters - think bright, bold colours, geometric shapes, disco balls, and well...anything shiny and glittery!
Photographer: Wreath & Rose Photography | Model: Celia, B&M | Beauty: Alyssa Helm

Imagine my surprise when I found out the shoot would be published in the print Spring edition of Canada's leading bridal magazine, Today's Bride! Every single wedding vendor in this collaboration brought their A-game - and the pictures are the proof.

Please check out these awesome people & the work they do in the credits section at the bottom of this post. Special mention to Trish at Wreath & Rose Photography, whom was the concept creator of this one.

A Fun Theme Goes a Long Way

Wedding showers have traditionally helped the couple outfit their soon-to-be new home with the various housewares required, and consequently the average wedding shower of the past usually involved having some food, perhaps a couple of games, and opening presents to onlookers.

If you want something different, help your guest break out of this traditional wedding shower mold by setting a theme! The right decor, coordinating attire, and an eye-catching centrepiece cake will help you nail the vibe you have in mind.

The Right Decor Brings a Theme Home

Whatever space you have available to you, just a few pieces of decor can really help create the bridal shower atmosphere you are looking for. These rentals from Nayos and Annie Lane Events, alongside Flower Pie's gorgeous floral arrangements really evoked that glittery, colourful feel of an 80s disco!

Attire is Everything in Embracing the Theme

There is nothing like dressing in a certain way that will put you & your guests in the intended mood - ready to fully embrace the theme you have chosen. Ensure everyone is in the right mindset before they even arrive by communicating your encouragement of them wearing themed attire.

These sparkly dresses & elegant jewelry from the Fitz Roy, Julia Cork Bridal, the Loved One, and Penwarden Jewelry were absolutely perfect and assisted in capturing the imagined wedding shower guest experience of a fun, glitzy party.

Leverage the Cake as Your Focal Point

I love using cakes as a focal point for event & party decor - in my biased opinion, there is nothing like a well-designed centrepiece cake to bring together the theme of a room.

The tall tiers on this cake together with the pearlescent flowers, gold leaf, and bright geometric shapes leaves a lasting impression & makes it difficult to miss what the theme is all about! It is definitely in my top favourite Sugarbush Cakery projects. The fun coordinating & oh-so-detailed sugar cookies were done by the Salty Sugar Cookie Co.

Now is the time to make your wildest wedding shower dreams come true - feel free to think unique, fresh & fun - we are all there, ready to experience something new with you!


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Mar 22, 2022

Thank you for sharing this - I love the colours you used for this piece!

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