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Custom Cakes & Cupcakes

I specialize in offering a custom cake experience for clients who want their cakes to reflect specific themes, elements, and preferences – from the flavours down to the piping details, I want to craft something that you will absolutely love! 

​​Custom designed cakes & cupcakes are great for events and celebrations like weddings, birthdays, baby showers, first birthdays, graduations, Mother’s Day, and really any time you want to celebrate or commemorate something special. 

wedding birthday flower cake.jpg
buttercream guinness glass cake.png

I love using various types of buttercreams and creating new exciting flavours, and therefore my cakes are buttercream centric. I prefer to use fondant sparingly - such as for décor details and models/figures - against a backdrop of delicious buttercreams and other delicious elements such as chocolate, coconut, fruit etc.

All my cakes are made from scratch and by order only in order to maintain a high quality, and I pride myself on only using the best ingredients like real vanilla bean paste and high fat-content butters. Trust me – you will be able to taste the difference!

garden kids cake butterflies flowers.jpg
buttercream cupcake valentines bouquet.jpg

Reach out if you’d like to discuss a custom cake order.

I’m excited at the prospect of creating something delicious and pleasing to the eye for you!

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